Ride Together Apart

It's about time

It's Time to Ride

Saddle up two at a time again

Get Your Carts Full Again

The value proposition here is a gimmie!

Serious Distancing

Over 1,200 square inches of marine-grade panel between riders

Got 90 Seconds?

With just four screws, three clips and a hook - you'll never miss a tee time (and yes, that's stainless steel)

It's a Gimmie

From installation to use, it's good.

Club Car Golf Cart Dividers
  • Off the tee in 90 Seconds

    Really, No tools, No chemicals, No Glue, No Velcro, No safety goggles, Nor ventilation required. Just four bolts and three clips and you're done.  Also, you can remove the panel in about 15 seconds for same-household riders, while the hardware waits quietly in place.

  • No tape here

    Tape? In the summer sun? On Polyethylene plastic? Hanging straight down? With people leaning on it?  That sounds like the punch line of an engineering joke. Trust the positive screw-lock connection from Full Metal Golf. 

  • Tamper-Free

    Golfer's are hard on their equipment. Bungee cords are not the answer - trust Gimmie to be in place at the end of the day thanks to our patent pending screw-on design.

  • Where did it go?

    When this is all over - and you remove your Gimmies, not a trace will be left behind.  No holes, no glue marks, no scratches.  Our patent pending attachment method insures no trace left behind.

Gimmie a Closer Look

A better look at what we consider elegant engineering at Full Metal Golf

Gimmie Confidence

Check out some of our Full Metal Customers - you'll be in good company....

Arizona Biltmore - Bearpath Golf & Country Club - Boar's Head Resort - Boulders Resort & Spa - Chenal Country Club - Concession Club - Connecticut Golf Club - Coral Ridge Country Club - Crystal Lake Golf Club - Desert Forest Golf Club - Discovery Bay Country Club - Dodge Riverside Golf Club - Florida Power & Light Company - Green Hills CC - Fountaingrove Golf Club - Goodyear Golf Club - Green Hills Country Club - Green Valley GA - Hawks Ridge Golf Club - Heron Bay Golf Club - Hillcrest Golf Club - Kettle Brook Golf Course - Lake Nona Golf & Country Club - Lake Winnepausaukee Country Club - Landings Golf Club - Medalist Golf Club - Monterey Peninsula Country Club - Mount Pleasant Golf Club - Links at Greenfield Plantation - Loblolly Golf Club - Westfield Country Club - Nissequogue Golf Club - Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority - O' Donnell Golf Club - Oak Valley Golf Club - Olde Farm Golf Club - Palm Beach County, FL - Peninsula Golf & CC - PGA West - La Quinta - Poland Springs Resort - Quail Hollow Golf Club - Redwood Empire Golf & Country Club - Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club - Pine Ridge Golf Club - Richmond County Country Club - Ridgefield Golf Club - Riomar Country Club - Sandridge Vero Beach - Sanibel Island Golf Club - Saticoy Club - Sherwood Country Club - Soule Park Golf Course - Sterling Hills Golf Club - University of Maryland - Walpole Country Club - Waubeeka Golf Links


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